“Kodekü” is a special residency for artists, which took place in Bischofswerda for the first time in 2020 and was successfully continued last year. Filmmakers, artists, authors, educated artists and musicians from all over Europe come to Lusatia and work for two weeks on participatory project ideas that they have submitted in advance of the project. But the artists should not just create new works, but rather come into contact with Lusatia. The aim is to make the region more colorful, lively and, above all, more open. The conclusion is an interactive exhibition in which the resulting works are presented and a diverse supporting program with workshops and live music is offered.
Since different arts come together, we call the action 'Kodekü' - collision of the arts. The concept of “Kodekü” is based on the fact that as many interactions as possible take place between our guests and local residents.
Strengthening the togetherness works wonderfully through the medium of art and we look forward to the broadening of the perspective for both sides - the local people and the artists.


What worked wonderfully in Bischofswerda is now to be continued over the next few years as a wandering project through other small towns in Eastern Saxony.
The next art residence, which will take place in this international context, is to take place in early summer 2023. In order to guarantee long-term work, we are currently in the process of founding the association.

We are currently working on the selection of the location. The decision will be made by December this year, so that there is still enough research and preparation time available before implementation.


made by Lutz Michen

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